9 Dimensions for measuring the Culture of Innovation

Innovation is more than a management buzzword and cool trend. Understood as the ability of a company (or a professional) to do things differently (either in a disruptive or continued manner) and thereby obtain better results is definitely one of the keys for an organizationto achieve its business objectives, differentiating clearly from the competition in the context of the 21st century organization. Fashions and trends aside, the key is not to innovate, but do it before others… Nevertheless, even though it is undeniably crucial to drive innovation, few companies have embraced the development of a culture of innovation as a source of value creation for the business. Indeed, although they are aware of the importance of fostering a culture of … Leer más →

10 Powerful Questions for Leading People

As each day passes more and more companies uphold the belief that people are the real key to achieving results. A belief which corroborates the decisive role that leadership plays in the achievement of business success. If we get down to the truth of the matter, people have always been the focus of leadership…but that leadership has been one impervious to new approaches, a leadership designed to protect the modus operandi and the established status quo, where the centralisation of information has reigned, sustained by strict procedures that ultimately constrict decision making… and still…results were obtained ‘from people’ But now, getting results from people is not enough. The changes that we have experienced in the business world in the last … Leer más →

The Human Resources Crossroad

The need to redefine the HR role becomes more pressing with the passing of time. We live in a change of era, rather than in an era of change: we hear this more and more every day. And this isn’t a dramatic prediction but a well founded and objective statement. This change of era will impact directly on the survival of the HR discipline. This post is not about the reasons that justify why HR must start working thoroughly on its reinvention or redefinition. To appreciate the real need for such a change, I suggest you read in detail the monograph written by Santiago Garcia published in the December edition of the magazine ‘Nuevas Tendencias’. This text, which in fact … Leer más →

Organizational Trojans

For a few weeks now, I’ve been fixated on a post written by someone who I admire immensely and who I was indeed fortunate enough to meet in person last year. In one of his latest posts from the blog ‘Óptima Infinito’ he spoke about the concept of Trojans 2.0. Until I met José Miguel Bolivar, I hadn’t heard this term applied to the corporate world but I have to admit that I have quickly incorporated it now into my thinking. However, when we think about Troy or more specifically, of its people, the Trojans, and make a parallel to the corporate world, we are inclined to jump to easy yet unexamined conclusions. Perhaps due to the legendary story of … Leer más →

Recruitment 2.0: more than a Social Network

Whilst the majority of organizations are still familiarizing themselves with the Recruitment 2.0 concept, it is worth understanding that the adjective “2.0″ shouldn’t be confused with the simple recruiting activity through social networks. Recruitment 2.0 goes much further than “viralizing” job vacancies on the Social Network. It requires the revision of certain key organizational aspects. Let’s analyze each one of them: 1. Each node of the organization could be a Recruiter 2.0 The organization as a whole or any of its nodes, could be considered a recruiter. This is probably one of the main challenges for the successful evolution of recruitment 2.0. The HR department must become the main defender of relational recruitment, but to do so it should part with … Leer más →